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what we do

Everyone involved with the women’s game must act with consideration for the safety of others.


Players must ensure that their behavior, equipment and uniform conform to all required and allowable standards, as defined by US Lacrosse rules.


Coaches must ensure that they are teaching their players to play by the rules of the women’s game and should participate in continuing lacrosse- specific education and training that helps them to understand and teach new rules and address safety concerns.


Officials must ensure fair and safe play by consistently enforcing the rules and by participating in continuing lacrosse-specific education and training that helps them to understand and interpret new rules.


Spectators must contribute to a safe-play environment by demonstrating positive and sportsmanlike conduct and by understanding and appreciating the unique rules and culture of the women’s game.

We ensure fair and safe play through consistent enforcement of the rules

We will train you, support you, and even pay you for your service!


Our season lasts 4 weeks starting the first week of April. You choose the games that fit your schedule.


Games generally start at 5:00. We have 2-25 minute halves with a 10 minute half-time. We arrive on the field between 15 and 30 minutes ahead of the game and leave immediately at the end.


Have a look at a high level college game- it's fast!


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